May 07, 2018

The Dirty World of Rankeds (TDWR): Myst's Qualifiers (1/10)

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Conquest  |  ranked  |  nike  |  solo
Finally Season 5 came, and even though I played the last part of Season 3 and the Season 4, I never played Rankeds because I never felt ready to it. But this season I became fearless and decided to play it.

I always heard that rankeds are stressful and people do every thing to win and bla bla bla. I thought people were complain unnecessarily. They were right. Now let's talk about the match

First match: Introducing you the rankeds

picks and bans

the game

the end of the match

The mistakes of the match

That was my first match of conquest. I hope all the matches be like these. I will try to play at least one by weekend and post here to all you guys.
For the ones that like numbers, here is the match.