May 18, 2017

I quit smite

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I don't play smite anymore. Why?

-The smite team doesn't put out patches that are good, fair, or even remotely ballanced
-The smite community is so toxic it makes me question my sadism levels.
-Competitively the game is focused on like, three or four players that nobody can beat. (Incon, BaRRA, Zapman)
-I hate winning over and over again, i just wanna go back to playing for fun and not needing to care about winning or maintaining my WR.
-I don't want to donate time for this game anymore.
-SoloQ is broken and you can't 5 man for comp.
-They abandoned the concept of rituals*
-I can't learn anything anymore besides item/hero changes.
-I'm not playing with the pros anymore.

*while I agree that combat blink was broken, i would have though that they would've added dust and smoke like in DOTA, which is a beautiful mechanic that they failed to implement and I was very sad 'bout that.