April 14, 2019

Where did the fun go?

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So i've only been on this site for 3-4 days and i have seen more than enough to realize that some of the people on this website take the game WAY too seriously. I'm not badmouthing or trashtalking here but i seen a few "troll builds" like max health chu chullain or full reflect nemesis. i tried some of these builds but as soon as i went to compliment them (cause experimental builds are hella fun) the build was either A. Taken off the site or B. badmouthed and talked down upon because the builds are "trash" or "Not useful to the characters strengths whatsoever", and my response is why should you care? Smite is not just some normal video game, it's a game that gives you options and playstyles that you can do your own thing with no matter how bad it is. No-one is stopping you from being an absolute chad by building the way you like.
And at the end of the day if you share your build no matter how bad guaranteed at the end of the day someone is gonna try your "trash build" and be like EVERY DEATH IS WORTH IT THIS GAME IS FUN....I know this rant is pointless and i'll probs be banned for saying that troll builds are good for this site but at least understand that this game isn't fully competitive that's why casual smite exists. don't discourage people for doing what they love that will only lead to rebellion, it's human nature. instead let them do what they see fit. you wanna do max speed mercury do it,you wanna frag with crit on chaac, who's stopping you? you wanna share some unholy abomination that is lifesteal ganesha ****ing go for it its a build website not a competition to see who can drop the most penta kills and getting the best build on the website. Rant is over so i'm gonna end this post with my favorite quote......Ho ho ho ha ha, ho ho ho he ha. Hello there, old chum. I’m gnot an gnelf. I’m gnot a goblin. I’m a gnome. And you’ve been, GNOMED’*