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Jordenito's Blog
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February 23, 2014

My New Vulcan Guide

Views: 670 Jordenito
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Guide  |  Vulcan  |  Solo  |  Mid
I have finished my new guide for Vulcan! - Turret Syndrome
If you are a fan of bad, cheesy puns and lines, you'll love it.

I've got no idea what's my next guide is gonna be. I am thinking of making a Chang'e arena guide, though I'm not sure what TT is up to these days. I can also make a Chronos guide, but there are a lot of clock-boy guides and they all have the same general builds and that's how I play him as well. Maybe baka... Could be poseidon.

Tell me what you think should be next. Could be non of the above.

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March 06, 2014

Chang'e Arena Guide - Finished

Views: 534 Jordenito
I have finished my Chang'e Arena Guide! Chang'e - The Dancing Arena

Sadly enough, I don't have as many cheesy puns and lines as I have on my Vulcan Guide. It isn't my best work so far, to say the least. I'm not TT, I'm no Arena expert.

I think it's time for me to make a general guide. I have already made a guide for each role in Conquest (F*** you, support role), and as you probably know, one guide to arena. I want to do a Conquest one, seeing that we already have a general guide for Arena, BBcoding, guides, league etc. I'm just not sure if Sub or anyone else is currently working on a general Conquest guide.

I would love if you guys told me all of your tips & tricks about Conquest, so that I could gather them up and add them to what I know of Conquest. (of course not obvious tips).

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May 02, 2014

Something has Happened

Views: 822 Jordenito
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Chrornos guide  |  chronos  |  guide  |  burnt out  |  lack  | 
So I finished my new guide for Chronos, but I feel like something is missing, like I forgot something.

I don't know what it is, but,
It might be just because I'm getting sort of burn out from guides.
It might be because I did it in literally two and a half days without putting much time nor effor into it.
It might be because my guides all of the exact same format and style that I can just blindly write a guide and it'll look the same.

I don't know what has happened, but this guide wasn't as "exciting" as my other guides were when I made them.

Oh well...

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June 17, 2014

Kali Guide - Finished!

Views: 656 Jordenito
I've secretly finished my new guide. Kali - Destroying The Jungle

While I'm not really excited about the name of the guide and the pun (being "Late Game Destruction") in the 'Advantages / Drawbacks' section, I think it's one of my best works so far.

I'm really happy with the result. It's more comprehensive and in depth than my other guides, seems visually better, and I was finally able to create a solid, clear and informative gameplay/roles in team fights section.

I'm quite excited about it, as opposed to my recent Chronos guide, which felt dull and boring to write.

If anyone has an idea of a better title to the guide or a better pun, please, let me know!

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