April 12, 2018

What's with all of the trolls builds lately?

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Within the past few weeks, we've had at least 3 troll builds/builds unsuited for any game mode except maybe when playing against bots. One poster of said builds specifically stated in their profile that they have a low opinion of this site and made it their duty to post terrible builds highlighting that low opinion. Another posts in run-on sentences and hurls insults like they're going out of style. I know this place has a bad reputation, but posting the above builds doesn't do anything but reflect poorly on the poster. I know we can't really do anything about the trolls without compromising what makes this site great: it's a place where anybody can come in and post a build and anybody who reads said build can comment on it. But throwing civility out of the window serves nobody in the end.

I don't expect much in the way of comments, I just needed to vent.