May 10, 2018

First Diamond God

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Hey, everyone,

Today I got my first Mastery X, Diamond Skin god: Hachiman! I thought this would be a good point to look back at my Smite history and reflect.

My original goal was to get a basic mastery of all the gods so that I could better understand my opponent. Starting out, I could figure out how to make my god work, but I didn't know how enemy gods worked, so I viewed that as a disadvantage.

I actually ended up mastering all gods before I had gotten one of them to Mastery 10. After I "mastered" all the gods, I felt that I should revisit those gods whose kits I remembered enjoying and focus on my ability to refine my skills with that character.

Even during my quest to master all gods, I immediately gravitated towards Hachiman. His kit and design felt really nice and I started playing him frequently. As I got more and more comfortable with his kit, I developed a confidence within my gameplay.

I learned that comfort and familiarity with a god is a great advantage in a match, especially at lower ranks. Those who have played ranked with me know that I always advocate comfort picks, even if they go against the traditional meta. It feels good to have a god like this in my arsenal now. Now I am a jack of all trades, and a master of one, rather than none, lol.

Some other gods that I am considering revisiting to master are:

I'm not sure which one I will focus next, though.