November 20, 2021

Blog 1 - Practice with Warriors

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Hello, SmiteFire! Welcome to my new blog series!

I have been having fun with the Solo role lately, and today I wanted to exercise some of my Warrior god pool.

Nike remains my main comfort pick for Warriors. Her kit is simple and effective and allows me to better focus in team fights without trying to string together complicated attack chains. Her playstyle also proves helpful as I continue practicing with Infused Sigil. Mainly, I'm working on positioning myself and tracking the passive stacks to use it to its maximum effectiveness.

Osiris remains my opposite of a comfort pick. While I've always enjoyed the god and think he has great potential to be crazy good in a variety of teamfight situations, I haven't mastered understanding all the intricacies of his kit in a practical way. Keeping track of his fragmentation passive during fights can be taxing and I usually tunnel vision past it, and reading ally positioning to determine the best time to use his 3 still proves difficult for me. A definite work-in-progress, but I think he could be a valuable god to have at my disposal.

Tyr also got a bit of play time tonight, and he falls somewhere in the middle of Nike and Osiris on comfort. I understand his kit fully, but my execution isn't always optimal. Something I discovered was that I really like Shield of Regrowth on him. For whatever reason, I never built this item on him in the past. I'll continue practicing with it, as it seems to synergize well with his playstyle.

Thanks for reading. I'd be interested to know about your Warrior god pool. What are you comfort (or not-so-comfort) picks?