July 21, 2017

Kuzenboness Vol.1, A Kuzenbo Rant

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Right now, I suggest NOT even buying any Kuzenbo skins. I'm not even going to make an effort to buy him skins until he gets one that reflects what he needs.

That's maybe an overreaction, Depending on who you ask, But to me, Sex appeal is 100% a trait Kuzenbo needs to have in his skins. the only god who needs it 100% in his skins is Bacchus (oh, sure, and Kumbhakarna, happy r/smite?). but for Bacchus, he gets an arguably SEXIER skin each season... yes, it loses a bit of his beautiful default voice that is taken away, but they get a BETTER voice and it went up in sex appeal, and so... yay for Bacchus?

but see, Bacchus has very nice things going for his sex appeal, besides his sexy voice, he has:
A Fatter belly. Kuzenbo might have abs but that does not compare

A GLORIOUS belly flop, which Bacchus can use to majestically wack his enemies afterwards, all Kuzenbo has is his push.

An ult that IMMEDIATELY makes it easier for him to pick up girls by getting them drunk without con
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