December 11, 2018

Fun Facts

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So, I was watching the trailer for the new Dragon Ball Super movie that's coming out in January, I remembered that when I first started playing Smite I used to play Sun Wukong constantly just because he is voiced by the great Sean Schemmel (voice actor for Goku, who is loosely based off of Sun Wukong IRL). Lol. Also, thanks Hi-Rez for giving us a DBZ inspired Hun Batz skin, but not a Wukong one.. :)

Also: I don't know about anyone else here but i own, and love the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series (this series is what led me to try out Smite in the first place), and find that I want a lot of characters from the book to have Gods added to Smite. If you haven't read them, and enjoy reading, I highly recommend them

Gods from the series I want in the game:
Scathach, the Warrior Maiden - Celtic
Prometheus, Master of Fire - Greek
Xolotl, Aztec god of fire - "Mayan"?