August 13, 2015

Dev making a guide

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As the title suggest I have finally got myself together to make a guide. After ~1.5 years being here I'm finally going to do it the thing what I had in mind when I came to this site. Making a guide.

I'm not going to tell you guys what sort of guide etc (or am I? at least probably not in this blog post itself though :P) So you guys will need to wait.

However do expect a really bad Coded guide coming your way. which will maybe make it look ugly we will see. and a lot of grammar mistakes and probably a lot of other guide related things. Maybe I won't even dare to publish it because of this so maybe I made this announcement for nothing. We will all see in time.

one thing I'm going to spoil too expect references to LoL but mostly Dota as I have tendencies to mention things from them (e.g. saying MMR instead of elo)