November 02, 2018

How to play pele

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Pele  |  absurd  |  op  |  busted  |  broken  |  nut  |  nutty
Step 1. Don’t
Step 2. Get soul eater
Step 3. Slam your face into your keyboard or slap your ******* onto your controller
Step 4. Be teleported to another dimension where all pele players go
Step 5. Realize that just because you do good on an op god doesn’t mean your good
Step 6. Realize that every time you play pele another brain cell is lost
Step 7. Pick a god that takes skill
Step 8. Wait for that god to get a tier 5 skin and get made easier
Step 9. Now have no gods to play because every other god is easy
Step 10. Go onto smite fire and complain