August 19, 2017

Bran's Random Recordings - Welcome DV-8 (Conquest)

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This was a fun night...Zilby came back to play with us for a bit. In addition, we welcomed 2 SF members to the clan...Carve (boogiebass) and Vocoder (DV-8). After some earlier games (a couple of failed Custom matches and a solid Corrupted Arena match), Carve went to play with his friend, so we got into a Conquest match (unusual for us these days).

Our roster:
After what felt (to me) like a slightly rough first 5 minutes (at around 4:20, the fun started, with Taco rotating to our lane but 2 of theirs rotating in also), things started looking up for us.

I still find myself wandering without purpose too much, and not dropping enough wards. Will probably continue to happen unless I play Conquest more. Oh well.

Solid games from everyone, though the competition was questionable...I outdamaged the enemy Hel, Ravana, and Ganesha, and was within 500 damage of outdamaging their Apollo.

And finally, I didn't need to die at the end...damn Taco kept wanting us to wait!!!