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Arachne: Spiders in the Jungle

February 18, 2013 by Sunfall
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Arachne BuildBuild 1

Build Summary

Smite God: Arachne

Item Purchase Order

Core Items

Build Item Warrior Tabi
Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet
Build Item The Executioner
Build Item Rage
Build Item Deathbringer

Useful Items

Build Item Qin's Blades Build Item Shifter's Shield Build Item Witchblade


Build Item Heartseeker Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Build Item Voidblade Build Item Soul Eater Build Item Titan's Bane

Almighty Jungler Ability

Build Item Hand Of The Gods

Other Good Abilities (pick one)

Build Item Creeping Curse Build Item Heavenly Agility Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Sprint Build Item Aegis Amulet

God Skill Order

Venomous Bite

Venomous Bite 1 8 16 18 19 key bind


Cocoon 2 4 6 7 10 key bind


Web 3 11 12 14 15 key bind

Night Crawler

Night Crawler 5 9 13 17 20 key bind

Arachne: Spiders in the Jungle

February 18, 2013


Hello. I am Sunfall, and if you are reading this, it means you are probably thinking of getting Arachne, or just want to learn how to use her. Arachne was the very first god I purchased with Favor, and has been a favorite pick of mine ever since. While I do not consider myself to be a super-pro Arachne player by any means, I have used her enough that I have a good idea of what works, what doesn't work, and how to go about using her.

Arachne can basically be described as a melee assassin with a focus on setup play. She uses her skills not so much to inflict damage as to provide utility which turns fights into her favor. While the metagame has shifted away from jungling, leaving gods like Arachne in a rather poor position these days, she still has other things going for her. She takes some getting used to, but once you start getting good with the ganks, she is a very fun goddess to play as, and an assassin who is not to be underestimated!

Lets go over a quick rundown of Arachne's Pros and Cons.

+Very strong early game.
+Can jungle very efficiently with Broodlings.
+Strong duelist with Drain Life and Cocoon, wins most 1v1 scenarios.
+Powerful ganks with a good combination of skills
+Ultimate can single out enemies in the teamfight if it connects.
+Broodlings can work as pseudo-wards (place them at the Fire Giant/Gold Fury entrances)

-Squishy. You will die fast if you get focused in teamfights. Even with defensive items, you still won't last long.
-No escape moves (Tangled Web can slow down chasers, but that's it).
- Cocoon requires considerable skill to be useful.
-Falls off late game due to Broodlings being easy to kill and Drain Life being a risky move in teamfights.

With the recent revamps to the jungle, I've had to rewrite parts of my guide. Arachne is still very good at securing the buffs, but it just isn't the focus of the metagame anymore.


poison claws Poison Claws (Passive)

A very good passive that suits Arachne's assassin playstyle well. It essentially tacks on additional damage to your basic hits, and it scales with physical power too, meaning it only gets stronger as you build your items!

Broodlings (1)

Start with this, always. You want these so you can claim an early buff, and maintain some push on your lane. When ganking, either place the eggs somewhere behind your enemies, without them noticing or behind your minions if you're using your ultimate. This way, the eggs don't get destroyed before hatching. While leveling it up isn't really practical anymore, it does help when you get the jungle buffs and gold fury quicker.

The eggs can also serve as pseudo-wards, as they provide minimap vision. Be sure to plant some whenever you're running through the jungle to increase map awareness. They may even help your team find targets to gank.

Drain Life (2)

A very unique skill with benefits and drawbacks. First off, the good. This skill lets you restore a good chunk of health while you're latched onto an enemy. On top of that, they're silenced and cannot attack you until you jump off. If timed right, you can even latch onto a god during a leap! This skill wins duels when used correctly!

Now for the bad. You're completely at the mercy of wherever the enemy goes while you remain latched on. This means if the enemy carries you under a tower, into AoEs, or towards their teammates, you'll be in a bad situation. Fortunately, you can cancel out of this skill before that happens by right clicking, so remember that!

tangled web Tangled Web (3)

A skill that really comes in handy, especially for ganks. The web covers a large area (nearly the entire width of the lane if centered), and lasts for a good amount of time. The duration in particular makes it very ideal for setting up your ganks; drop a web at whichever escape route your enemies will most likely use. This is also the only skill that's really any good in teamfights outside of the ultimate, since it can slow the enemy advance and make them easier targets for your teammates' skills.

It should be noted this skill has a "travelling time" associated with where the web falls. If you shoot it near your ground, the spread is pretty much instant, but if your target as far away as possible, it will take a couple seconds before it lands and spreads out.

Cocoon (4)

Without a doubt the trickiest ultimate to use in the game. It's a one-shot, narrow hitbox with no residual effects if you miss with it. The saving grace is it also has the shortest cooldown of any ultimate in the game, so it will almost always be ready in case of a fight.
If you do hit with it however, you will gain a significant upper hand, espcially if you did some prior setup with Broodlings and Tangled Web. With allies, this skill will usually net a kill for your team. There are several uses for this skill, most notably
    Pulling runners back towards you.
    Singling out an enemy during a teamfight.
    Dragging enemies into your tower/phoenix.

Using Cocoon boils down to skill, both yours and the enemy. Smart enemies who know how Arachne works will do whatever they can to make you miss by constantly moving and denying you a clear shot. Using it can be a gamble in these situations, but if you manage to connect with it, it can pay off!

The Skilll Order
With the recent change to the jungle, maxing out Broodlings first doesn't really work too well anymore. Regardless, you should still get it as a Level 1 skill always because you can set them up at a jungle camp at the begining of the game for an early buff and experience.
The new priority is maxing out Drain Life first. It has scary-strong burst and very potent healing in the early game if you build it up first, and it will be your assassination move when the enemy is getting low on health, as it also denies them their escape moves.
The rest of the build boils down to preference. Ranking up Broodlings will allow you to set them up more frequently and makes them more effective in ganks, while ranking up Tangled Web improves the slowing effect in the web.


Here's a rundown of the abilities.

Recommended Abilities

Since Arachne lacks escape moves, this can be useful for escaping when the enemy uses slows and stuns. It's also very useful to have just for certain ultimates, like Hades' Pillar of Agony.

14 seconds of movespeed increase can help you close the gap between a fleeing god, or allow you to escape from your enemies. Since it also breaks slows, it's highly effective as a counter to slow-heavy teams.

With more and more gods being released that use powerful or predictable one-shot ultimates, this ability has become much more useful than ever as a counter to them. Even outside of those situations, it's still good to use in teamfights for when the enemy sets their focus on you: having your enemy waste two seconds attacking an invulnerable target can be all the time your team needs to turn a fight around, or wait for Drain Life to refresh.

Other useful abilities

Basically a shorter, team-based version of Sprint. Useful in teamfights for the same reasons as sprint.

If your web just isn't doing the job, this can help keep your enemies within reach without having to blow extra gold on a hammer.

Even with the shift away from the jungle meta, this ability is still decent enough. It basically saves you a lot of time when clearing camps, can clear minion waves in a hurry, gets you out of creepblocks, and can be used to secure Gold Fury/Fire Giant kills. Not completely worthless, just not as great as it used to be.

Abilities You Shouldn't Get

You should be getting the blue buff to start with anyways, and you won't be spamming lots of skills late game either. Just use Mana Potions if you really need a mana boost, they're much cheaper and more efficient than wasting an ability slot on this.

This just doesn't provide enough of a power increase to justify the used ability slot.


To give you an idea where we're trying to go here, you want to prioritize Physical Power first. This is because Arachne is an assassin who does most of her damage through basic attacks and her poison passive scales off of it, so having more physical power means your poison hurts more too. Along with that, you will want a nice amount of Physical Penetration and Attack Speed to go along with it.

There are a few other items you might want to build, so keep the other useful and situational items in mind.

Core Items
These are core items that should almost always been present in your build. They mainly focus on damage output.

These give you the speed you'll need to keep up with the other players, in addition to decent offensive bonuses.

Devourer's GlovesGet this as soon as you've completed your boots, or even earlier if you can do with less movespeed. Once it hits Tier 3, start farming stacks for it to gain even more Physical Power. Oh, and it also provides a good amount of lifesteal, which should be good enough once fully stacked.

Such a good item that provides the three things you want: power, attack speed, and reducing the enemy's defense to do even more damage!

If you want to maximize your critical rate for the Deathbringer, this is a must. The base critrate on Rage alone is 30%, which is a high number, but when combined with and your, it becomes 56%! Plus, the passive only makes the criticals become that much more likely every time you don't crit! This item is just insane, and you will just be shredding your enemies in no time with it!

Now we're talking!. Lots of power, plus a big boost to your critical damage. Once you get someone in your range, they're going to really feel the hurt.

Useful Items
Other items that can usually be fit into most builds.

This isn't quite as good as it used to be ever since the passive damage got changed into physical. Still, if your penetration is good enough, this will help you shred down tanks and HP-heavy gods faster.

Eye of RetaliationSome people dislike this item, but I've managed to make this one work. Basically, think of this as having an extra Devourer's Gloves that gains even more power as the enemy wears you down. I've turned some fights around completely because of this item providing such crazy damage at low health along with the additional lifesteal to negate much of the damage I'd take.

Witch StoneI kinda like this one. If the enemy team has a lot of physical damage or their physical carry is causing problems for your team, Witch Stone is usually a good way to counter. It provides a little bit of everything else too, so don't underestimate it.

Situational Items
Only build these if you have to.

If you're on an early killing spree or are confident about the left lane matchup, this is viable early on. The movement speed is cool, but you must be extra careful not to die if you want to keep all those stacks. If you can't stay alive or the game has dragged on, I wouldn't bother with this.

This is what you build when the enemy team has healers like Hel or Guan Yu. It cripples their heals to make your attacks more potent.

I honestly prefer Devourer's Gloves for lifesteal, but if you need something cheaper, or you can't be troubled to build the stacks, this is a deecent alternative. Devourer's Gloves are still better under any other circumstance though.

The Executioner is better most of the time, but if that just isn't enough to get through those tanks, use this instead.

This really isn't something Arachne is made for. This works much better on gods who can play the tanky DPS role like Odin and Vamana. If your team lacks those gods, yet you still have a lot of physical damage on your side, this might be worth considering. Understand that even with that protection increase, Arachne is still really squishy.

I'm not recommending Frostbound Hammer or Fatalis anymore. Why?

These are two items that are basically designed to slow down the enemy or speed you up. While that might sound cool on paper, there are major flaws with using item slots for these purposes. First one being that Arachne already has two slows in her kit, Broodlings and Tangled Web, the latter of which you should always be setting in for your fights. And if the enemy tries to escape, you can reel them back in with a well-aimed Cocoon! Second, there are much cheaper and more efficient alternatives to keeping enemies within your reach should your skills fail you, and those are Abilities. Creeping Curse and Sprint are incredibly useful in a pinch to keep your enemies within reach, and you don't have to sacrifice your damage in the process!

I did used to recommend Fatalis months ago, but ever since the cooldown reduction got taken off of it, and now that there is the awesome Rage, this item truly feels pointless now.

What about Potions?
With the recent jungle changes, Hand Of The Gods is less of a big deal than it was before. Thus, you should typically start off with two Health Potions and one Mana Potion in the begining, and buy an extra later on in case you might need one, since they're very cheap.

Once you've got a maxed out Drain Life and a good amount of lifesteal, you shouldn't need health potions anymore. Just find a minion waves or a jungle camp, and heal yourself off of that if you're injured. The cyclops enemies in particular will give back a lot of your health in no time at all.

Jungling and Laning

Many players new to SMITE (or at least new to junglers in SMITE) have several misconceptions when it comes to jungling. The most common of these is that the jungler should always be in the jungle and only come out for ganks. While this holds true for some other MOBAs, this is not how the SMITE jungle works. You are supposed to just go in to grab your buffs whenever an opportunity arises, and maintain some lane pressence so you don't fall behind in levels.

The best way I can describe SMITE's jungling would be as "buff control". You aren't necessarily jungling as a means of leveling up, you are jungling so you can control buffs to deny them to the enemy team and improve your odds of successfully ganking. There are six different buffs in the jungles on both the left and right sides of the map.

Anyways, here's a rundown of the buffs and my opinons on them.

Mana Regeneration: Very useful early game, and necessary to start at if you want to be able to egg the jungle and set up your ganks early on.
Power: A very good buff, it gives a considerable boost to your damage, which means your ganks become more potent.
Speed: A very good buff for chasing both chasing and escaping. Try to take this one often.
Cooldown Reduction (White): Not worth it. Arachne's cooldowns are fine, and she's not supposed to spam skills in combat anyways. Leave this for another teammate who can benefit from it.

Early Game

Start at blue, you'll want it so you can set up more eggs around the jungle and maintain some pressence in the lane. At the start of the game, quickly buy your starting build and head over to the blue camp. Set up four eggs around the camp; it is recommended you spread them out in case a counterjungler tries to sabotage your setup. Once the game timer reaches 10 seconds, the jungle creeps will spawn, and your Broodlings will all hatch to attack them. Let them take the aggro before you start attacking as well, to minimize HP loss. This should net you the blue buff without having to use Hand Of The Gods!

With the buff in hand, you'll want to place an egg at the jungle intersection off to the side from the middle of your lane. This will serve as a ward in case of incoming ganks, or can even be used to catch enemies by surprise should they take the jungle as an escape path. Throughout the laning phase, as you push forward or get pushed, you should be setting up eggs at the jungle intersections nearest to you so that you will always have some gank awareness.

Now onto the actual laning itself. Depending on who you're facing makes a lot of difference when it comes to laning with Arachne. Against melees who lack long-ranged moves, it is stupidly easy to set up your Broodlings to help push the lane, and if you time the deployment right, you can get them to aggro onto your enemies as well, and damn do they hurt a lot early on!

Against ranged opponents and AoE users, it's much trickier. All it takes is one hit from a ranged attack to pop them, and the eggs won't hatch from that distnace. You have to place them behind minions to protect them from basic shots, and you'll want to wait for an AoE to be used before you set any down in the first place, since it's just too easy for your enemy to pop them with a little AoE.

For the most part, you're just placing Broodlings to maintain lane position or push, but should any of the enemies start to get weakened, you can go in for a kill. Since Arachne is an assassin after all, you can quickly kill someone who's missing health, and Drain Life is stupidly effective early on. Just be cautious of minion aggro upon hitting enemy gods, you could find yourself dying in no time if you aren't paying attention to that! Once you get to Level 5, Cocoon can be used to attempt to grab the squishier target towards you for a kill.

Mid/Late Game

Mid-game is usually signified by a roaming phase. Once lanes are starting to freeze and fall under control, players will start roaming the map, looking for farm and opportunities to gank other lanes. Arachne can do both of these quite well, but there is another thing she is very good at, and that is Gold Fury control. Killing it gives everyone on your team 300 gold, which goes a long way to helping your team finish their builds and gain the edge over your opponents. The first thing you want to do is ward it early on, so you will be alerted to any enemy attempts to kill it. Placing an egg somewhere near the crossroad in front of it works, though an actual Ward is more reliable. Once most of your team is at LV10 or so is usually a good time to start going after it when the opportunity arises.

Arachne can actually solo the Gold Fury with a fully stacked Devourer's Gloves, but having a teammate or two can help you secure it much faster, in addition to avoiding potential counter-junglers.

There is the Fire Giant, which your team will want to have control over in the late game. It gives an entire team several boosts that will give them an upper hand over their enemies, so controlling it is very crucial. Like with the Gold Fury, you will want to ward it. Place the egg or Ward somewhere inside the giant's lair, preferably near the entrance. This will give your team awareness of any attempts to take it. Like with the Gold Fury, teammates are recommended to take it down, and you should usually do it when the enemy team is down a few gods, or pushed very far in that they cannot ignore the threat of losing a phoenix.

Much like the Gold Fury, Arachne is also very capable of soloing the Fire Giant, and can do it as early as LV15 or so. Most players don't even realize she can solo it so early on, but do be cautious of enemy wards: it only takes one for the enemy team to know what you're up to and give them a chance to stop your attempt.


Even without the jungle she used to enjoy, Arachne is still a very effective ganker in the right hands. If you can master ganks, you can get yourself fed pretty quickly and control the map for your team in the process!

There's a few ways to go about ganking. Early on, the best way is to be rather sneaky about it. It's usually best to hang around behind the lane's jungle walls, where you can still see the action going on out there.

  • Check the minion pressence. Do NOT charge in when another minion wave is about to come in from the enemy side. You WILL take minion aggro, and you WILL die. Being focused by minions hurts a LOT early on. Wait for them to engage your minions first.
  • Know your primary target. You want to go after the gods that will die the quickest when focused. This means if you see a Sobek and an Anubis in the lane you're ganking, focus the Anubis first because he's much squishier.
  • Take a look at the laners' HP. If your solo laner has considerably less HP while the enemies have more, ganking is already probably not a good idea unless you're fed.
  • Be aware of enemy ultimates. If both enemies are level 5, they will have their ults ready and waiting to kill you. Try to find a way to seperate the enemies ( Cocoon can usually do the trick) or get them to waste an ultimate first.

Now, for some ganking strategies.
  • Ganking from behind is almost always the best approach, as your enemies usually won't notice you. Drop a Tangled Web and Broodlings on the path behind your enemies; this will make it more difficult for the enemies to escape once they start taking damage, and may force them to take an alternate escape path. The web will slow them down while the Broodlings will add even more slow and some extra damage.
  • Straightforward ganking from the lane is only adviseable from LV5 onward. You can grab an enemy god into your minion waves with Cocoon and even hatch some Broodlings on them. With good positioning, you can creepblock your victims like this for an easy kill. Don't forget to throw a Tangled Web somewhere in front of you to slow their escape.
  • Don't use Drain Life right away. Just land as many basic attacks as you can so you can stack your poison, then jump on them when you've taken some damage to heal it off. Drain Life is also good for securing the kill when the enemy's HP is low enough, since it also deprives them of escape moves and it can even let you tower dive at the higher ranks.
  • Once you have it, always try to use Cocoon if the enemy attempts to escape from you. Whether you hit or miss, remember that Cocoon has a very short cooldown compared to other ultimates, and will usually be ready the next time you need it. So don't be hesistant to use it if it could net you a kill.

Just remember that how far a lane is extended has little relevance to how Arachne ganks once she has her ultimate. If you can get within range for a grab when coming into another lane from the jungle, go for it! The enemy might be steps away from the safety of their tower, but once they're caught in your Cocoon, they're back in the danger zone again!


This is probably the toughest part about playing Arachne. As a melee assassin whose greatest strength is her ability to win duels, Arachne is not exactly suited to being in the heat of a teamfight. She's squishy, and gets killed pretty fast by all the AoEs and other **** being thrown around. You can't expect to just charge into a teamfight with her and accomplish something. Rather, you have to be very cautious and opportunistic if you want to have any pressence in a teamfight.

First thing you should do is wait for one of your initiators, usually a tank, to be somewhere in the front of your group. Your enemies may take a few pot shots at him to see if they can wear him down a little first. If someone gets close enough, and you can get a good aim on them, use your Cocoon! If it hits, your entire team should be able to focus down whoever you just grabbed. This can effectively remove one god from the enemy side, and give your team the advantage.

If the fight has already started and your Cocoon is on cooldown, try to quickly gauge what's going on. If their attention is focused on a tank or a runner, this is a good time for you to get in there and start attacking someone, preferably a squishy mage like Hel or Anubis. Your Drain Life will silence them for the three seconds that you ride them, which a large window of opportunity that can deprive a dangerous mage of being able to dish out damage or use an escape. Assuming you aren't behind in levels or build, you should be able to dish out some serious damage and kill someone before you get focused. Should the enemies start attacking or using crowd control on your, use any abilities you might have to regain control of the situation!

Finally, don't forget about using your Tangled Web! At maxed, it's a 35% area slow that not only makes it much harder for your enemie to move around and escape, but also much easier for your team to attack them with their own skills . Drop it in the area where you expect the enemies to be for most of the teamfight.


That's pretty much it. There are still more things I intend to add to this guide later on, such as god-specific strategies and synergies. I also intend to update some sections with images when I get around to that as well, make it feel less wall-of-texty, etc.

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide, and I hope it helps you enjoy playing with Arachne!

Guide Discussion
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Quote | PM | +Rep by ZangsLegacy » October 2, 2012 7:58am | Report
A very very very good guide i think i can see you put ALOT of work into it great job


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Quote | PM | +Rep by packetloss » October 4, 2012 7:01pm | Report
Great guide. Thanks for posting... I always felt like I should be doing more with Arachne in the early game.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by HiFromBuddha » October 5, 2012 3:52am | Report
FInally made myself come to back to SmiteFire.

-Nice colour....in some parts.
-A lot of information. 'Tis always good.
-Grammar/spelling is good from what I can see.
-Good use of those giant icons.

-Walls of Text. I'm looking at you, Teamfight section.
-Could use some more colour in some areas.

Just formatting. Some bits are very underwhelming to read as it is just a giant box of grey lines that are very unappeling to the eyes. But for the most part everything is good.

8.5/10 which is a +1.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Xanthious » October 8, 2012 9:00pm | Report
Red buff is practically worthless early game because it adds attack power based on a percentage, orange is more valuable early before frostbound hammers are finished for chasing. To all those who think red is a physical only buff, you're wrong. If you are magic damage it will boost magic power 20% as well. Protection buff is probably the best buff in the game and consistently remains strong throughout the game. It is valuable for all classes, especially tanks. And yes some junglers can rely strictly on jungling for exp and only lane for ganks and do very well. Good guide though.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Westighouse » October 8, 2012 9:10pm | Report
NEVER ever ever buy Fatalis
It has 0 stats and is the worst item in the game. Ill explain it if I really need to and Im saddened that so many people use this garbage item and fail to see how terrible it is and are blinded by the attack speed but dont think things through.

the guide is just to much of a wall of text for me to bother to read and because of this along with some poor item choices I would end up skipping this guide and looking for something else. Just personal stance on that issue.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Xanthious » October 9, 2012 8:45am | Report
fatalis is a great item, plz explain why it isn't. attack speed increases dps, it's inexpensive, bonus movement speed is always a plus, because it stacks with boots and the cooldown reduction is as good a feature as any in the game.....


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Westighouse » October 9, 2012 9:17am | Report
Xanthious wrote:

fatalis is a great item, plz explain why it isn't. attack speed increases dps, it's inexpensive, bonus movement speed is always a plus, because it stacks with boots and the cooldown reduction is as good a feature as any in the game.....

It has no stats, there are better items that give the same things and base stats. As well as building this item, then any other correct items with move speed and attack speed are worth less because of DR. Fatalis is the worst item in the game currently, not a great item at all.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Sunfall » October 10, 2012 3:04am | Report

It has no stats, there are better items that give the same things and base stats. As well as building this item, then any other correct items with move speed and attack speed are worth less because of DR. Fatalis is the worst item in the game currently, not a great item at all.

Actually, Jotun's Wrath would be the worst item in the game, and I'm certain most of us can agree upon this. Overpriced as all hell for a misfit combination of physical power, mana, and CDR.

The +35% attack speed on Fatalis is NOT a joke, especially once you've got a lot of damage to support it. Lets say you've built your core damage items already (Devourer's, Deathbringer, and Executioner). Now throw in the 35% ASPD increase from Fatalis. DPS is damage per second, and the amount of hits you do within a timeframe is a major aspect of this! Don't forget that with increased ASPD, you apply debuff stacks from Executioner's faster and can also proc Qin's Blades more rapidly, meaning you can bust down tanks pretty quick!

I don't see where people get the idea that ASPD is bad. It's only bad if you don't have the damage to make it hurt.

As for the constructive criticisms:

I will probably test out your idea of grabbing early yellow buff when I get the chance. Lately, I find myself unable to due to getting poor left solos in so many games that can't hold the lane for long without either getting pushed under their tower or poked for too much damage (Some duos just push way too hard to be ignored in all honesty).

I grab red or orange nearly every game, and overall, I've found red to be more effective than orange. 20% more power, even early game, is still very noticeable, and it's still a buff you want to be controlling throughout the lane phase. If orange works better for you, that's cool, keep getting orange. Red is just how I prefer to roll if I can get it.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Westighouse » October 10, 2012 3:42pm | Report
You said the exact reason why Fatalis is bad lol,"It's only bad if you don't have the damage to make it hurt."

What you aere missing out is that Attack Speed has DR and all core items for physical gods have attack speed on them. So if you do as you say and buy it afterwards you are only getting about an extra 5% speed if that. I have done the testing, members of this community here have done the testing as well, Oddarcade is one of them, pro players I have watched and talked to for a long time have all said the same thing. Members of Hirez agree as well, Fatalis is the worst item in the game.

Jotunn's Wrath isnt the worst item in the game, its just not worth buying because of the price. If it was a bit cheaper the item would be very very good.

As for buffs your order as arachne should be enemy blue into enemy green and than either red taking a gank at some point and backing if needed or able to buy an item. The only problem with that is as the jungle stands ****!!!!RIGHT NOW!!!!!*****, please notice the right now as its going to get changed, is actually better for you to just stay in a lane and win that lane, then take the side jungle and come back to lane while getting blue as soon as it spawns. What this ends up doing if you win your lane is you have xp/gold/buff advantage on the other team. You come back into lane around level 5 almost 6 and the other team is suck at around 3 MAYBE 4 if you were slow. Being 6 against a team that is 3 allows you much more room to bully that lane and causes a snowball effect.

Everything I have said is from personal experience after talking to some of the long term players and streamers that are on teams. Sure what works for me might not work for you, but the math is there to back it up as well as personal experiences for it. Try it out when you dont have a bad lane partner who is stupid and doesnt help you. Get a buddy and try it out, youll see the difference.
At the end of it I mean no disrespect or anything at all, just advice from hving played so long, read many things, tried many things and personal kowledge of the game. We ALL can always be better and learn new things. :)


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Quote | PM | +Rep by VixT » October 12, 2012 11:55pm | Report
Off Topic Comment: Asmoday the slayer of Fatalis. The Champion of new players not using ****py items. The God Send of the spoke word "Thou shalt not Fatalis"

Ok fun has been had.
On Topic:

- The sheer amount of information is AMAZING <3
- Formatting is AMAZING
- Variety, I absolutely love having a core then a section depicting various items so players can turn their build to their play-styles. Helps Newcomers become better and old players but new to the God get the idea
- Color helps with focus

- Long periods of text with no really point. If it could be simplified in certain areas. Would be better, if you find yourself still wanting to leave it as it is maybe provide a point or Video to Show it as well for some of us ADD types.
- Consistency of formatting. Colors, Bullets, and other features are used in some places but not in others where they clearly could be.

Overall. Enjoyed it. And this god is on my To-Play list.
Score: 8/10


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